Cardinal Rules of Writing for the Point of View
The point of view is the perspective in which the narrator is telling the story. It is the voice in which you choose to tell your story. It is important to choose whether you will tell your story in the first or the second or third point of view.  When you are writing for the point of view perspective it is crucial to limit yourself from one perspective character in each scene. And preferably per chapter if you are writing for book.  Maintaining the point of view that you select to write on should be carried on to the end to avoid confusing the readers.  Whenever you are looking to learn how-to write from the point of view, research is crucial so that you can get a website that will give you the tips to write perfect on the point of view. This means that you are not required to switch point of view characters within the same scene let alone the same sentence or paragraph.
To learn more on point of view writing, click here to get started at a website like Literary Devices or example and learn more info. Whenever you start on a project, the first step is to decide on which point of view that you will use. Basically, the point of view that you chose to write on will be carried onto the end of your narration. While the point of view is limited to on perspective character at a time, he three primary voices can be written in the past and present tense. Get facts from this link.
If you are planning to write on the first person perspective, the first person is the second and most common voice in faction writing. It is mostly common with novelist beginners since it limits your viewpoint to only one perspective character which you should do with all points of views except for the omniscient. The second point of view uses 'you' construction and the narrator makes 'you' the reader be the protagonist. This form of point of view is common in nonfiction writing. Finally, when you are writing narrating in the third point of view, the narrator refers to people and can even make references. The point of view perspective allows the writer to stick to one perspective.
Changing the point of view could threaten your readers and fracture the architecture of your story. To learn ore on writing for the point of view visit the beginner writer homepage for example and check it out! Watch this video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZkoMqu-Cz2g and know more about POV.