The Different Types of Point of View
There are very many people out there with the passion for writing. Being an author is amazing since you can directly impact the lives of very many people all over the world. The use of the internet even makes it more achievable. When you decide to write a story, there are certain things that you must always keep in mind. For instance, you need to think about the point of view character for your story. This is very important.
When it comes to the point of view character in a story, you must always remember that there are various types. The following are some of the different types of point of view that you can consider whenever you are writing a story. One of them is the first person point of view. There are quite a number of such stories. This is where the main character of the story is the one narrating the story. Therefore, as a reader, you will get to know how things unfold through the eyes of the main character. One should also note that there is also a first-person peripheral. The situation is the same with the first person peripheral with the only difference being that the story is told by a supporting character other than the main character. This implies that the readers will only experience the story through the eyes of the supporting character.
The other type of point of view is the second person point of view. This is not as common as the first person of view. It is where the story is told from the perspective of "you". This method of writing is normally used in instructional writing. A recipe is a very good example of instructional writing.
The third and last type of point of view is the third person point of view. This is the most commonly used of the three types when it comes to storytelling. There are three main types. The first one is the third person limited. This is where the point of view is limited to only one character. We also have third person multiple. Unlike third person limited, the third person multiple is where the narrator can follow multiple characters in a story. Then there is third person omniscient.  This is where the narrator knows everything. The author knows practically everything about every character in the story. Look for more facts about POV at https://www.huffingtonpost.com/micah-d-halpern/russias-pov-an-all-around_b_3913900.html.
These are the different types of point of view. One should carefully choose the one to use in their story.